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Refund Policy

Refund & Return Policy

We are shipping frozen product and therefore are not able to accept returns. It is not possible to maintain product quality to an acceptable standard for returns. 

Please be certain to review your order carefully before submitting and review the confirmation; if any changes need to be made, email Once an order processes for shipping, we might not be able to alter the order. 

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, please contact within seven (7) days of receipt. Upon receipt, we will review your order and reported dissatisfaction, and offer an appropriate resolution, which could be replacement of the product, credit towards your next purchase, or a refund (partial or full). 

Since we are not able to physically assess the product, please document damage by taking photos, including the product label. 

Address Issues

We guarantee delivery to the address provided when the order is placed and when retrieved on the guaranteed delivery date. If the address on the order is incorrect or you are unable to receive your order on the guaranteed delivery date without notifying us prior to shipment, we cannot guarantee the condition of the product. If you enter the shipping address incorrectly, please email immediately so that we can take steps to try to get the package shipped to the correct address. Please be mindful that we are not responsible for a package being undeliverable due to lack of directions specific to your building. Add notes in checkout if your package delivery requires a gate code, to be left at an apartment office, etc. You can also email updates to the drivers notes section by emailing 

If your order is returned to us because of an incorrect address or refusal of delivery, we must discard the contents and you will not be refunded. If your order is delayed due to an incorrect address or if you are unable to accept delivery of the product on the delivery date without notification prior to delivery, you will not be refunded. In these circumstances, if you would like an order reshipped, we will do so, and you will be charged 50% of the cost for the replacement product and shipment. 

Carrier Damage

We do our best to provide high quality product delivered promptly and in great condition when delivered to the address provided and retrieved on the guaranteed delivery date. 

Delays and/or damage can occur once the package is in transit via the carrier that are beyond our control, such as accidents, weather, etc. If your package arrives damaged because of delayed delivery or improper handling (not due to improper address entry), we will file a claim with the carrier and replace the shipment. Email within seven (7) days of receipt of the damaged product. You must provide a description of the damage and photo(s) of the package/product in the state it was received. The carrier requires photo documentation for all claims. Claim filing is time sensitive. 



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