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Quality Standards

From the butcher to the moment a package lands on your door step, our processing, packaging, and handling exceeds every federal standard. All of our products are USDA approved. 

Fresh or frozen or both? 

Imagine a piece of fresh meat. Did you picture a juicy, red steak at the grocery store? Most of us think that "fresh" meat is thawed and ready to go out a display case in a grocery store. We invite you to reconsider your perspective. When you buy "fresh" meat at the grocery store, you do not actually know how long it has been there or what types of preservatives were used to keep it from spoiling. When meat is flash or quick frozen and vacuum sealed, it is fresher than "fresh" meat at the grocery store. freezing

Whereas the grocery store meat has sat around for an unspecified period of time after the butcher of the animal, our flash frozen vacuum sealed meat is preserved at its peak freshness. There are other advantages to flash or quick freezing as well such as the fact that the freezing process kills parasites and prevents the growth of microorganisms that cause both food spoilage and food borne illness. We vacuum seal it in small portions that freeze really quickly in our commercial freezer before large ice crystals can form. This combination of fast freezing, packing in an oxygen free environment and dark, cold storage ensures that our meat will keep at top quality for at least two years. Freezing does not affect the nutrient value of meat and poultry products. There are two ways to thaw meat safely without compromising quality: in the refrigerator or in cold water. 



We take food safety seriously. In order to ensure that your product arrives safely at your home, we have a strict protocol for packing orders. Every order has dry ice in an insulated container so that your product stays frozen. It is important that you transfer your product immediately upon receipt indoors out of the heat, and as soon as possible into your freezer. Remember: our products are flash frozen which greatly reduces the likelihood of any bacteria in the product. Our farm partners have never had any recalls in their history because the flash or quick freezing process kills most bacteria. Because of this it is extremely safe to ship flash frozen meats. Even so, we go above and beyond in the design of our shipping process to maintain the highest quality and safety of our foods. 

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