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No more headaches from deciphering food labels.

With Wholesome Farms Direct's easy-to-follow badge system, you will know the exceptional quality and safeness of a product. Each and every product page will show the features of that product using these badges. 


WFD 100% All-Natural is the highest quality food on the market. To learn more about what WFD 100% All-Natural means, see the educational graphic below. 


Wholesome Farms Direct prides itself on finding local farms to source products. If you see this badge, the product comes from a local farm, not a factory. 


Most beef is breed-blended which leads to inconsistent taste. Our beef is 100% Certified Black Angus, resulting in consistent superior quality taste and texture in every bite. 


With sensitivities and allergies, it is important that consumers know whether or not a product is gluten-free. We want your shopping to be worry-free.


Not all seafood is equal. Fish is one of the most difficult products to source-verify. However, if you see this badge the product is verified wild-caught. 


Certified Organic is the name of the game when it comes to pure food. Although our WFD 100% All-Natural is our favorite choice for meats, we recognize that Certified Organic is best for produce.


Some of our products are labelled simply as natural which means they had marinade or seasoning added during processing. They are not technically all-natural or organic, but still use natural ingredients. 


This badge ensures that the product comes from a farm where the birds are free to walk, nest and engage in other natural behaviors instead of being stuck in cages.


Humane Farm Animal Care (HFAC), a non-profit certification organization, provides certifications to farms that follow precise, objective standards for the humane treatment of farm animals.



Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are living organisms whose genetic material has been artificially manipulated in a laboratory through genetic engineering.



With this badge, the product will come from an animal that was 100% grass-fed from start to finish. Most of our products are grass-fed and grain-finished, but we understand the desire for a 100% grass-fed product.





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